How To Prevent and Cope with Physical Stress

There are times when the most difficult things to do are the most important ones. It is not unusual for the body to physically buckle under stress. There are always going to be moments in life when we must get beyond such physical stressors in order to get things done. As you read through this article you should get a good idea of what can be done to help you overcome the things stress does to your body. When you’ve read this article you should feel empowered to overcome physical stress.

The way you breathe has an enormous impact on stress, and this can be used to your advantage. Most people in the Western world do not breathe properly. Breathing through your chest tends to make you stressed out, while belly breathing is much more relaxing. The best way to breathe is in a way that pulls down your diaphragm, which means through your belly. This is the type of breathing that supplies your body with the most oxygen. Breathing through the chest does not allow your diaphragm to move in this way so you get less oxygen. Breathing more deeply has a relaxing effect on your whole body. Your body also becomes healthier as more oxygen is carried through your blood.

Sitting may not feel stressful, but it actually has a detrimental effect on the body when you do it for hours on end. If you have any kind of office job, this definitely applies to you. Freelance writers, who work at home, are faced with this issue every day, too. Some people have found relief in using more ergonomic chairs and desks. If you do sit for long periods, it’s much healthier to get up on a regular basis. No matter where you’re working, it should be possible to stand up, stretch and maybe take a short walk once per hour. The height of your chair and your posture also play a large role in how stressful sitting is for you. Your chair and posture, as well as taking enough breaks can help reduce the amount of stress caused by sitting.

For the last five decades or so, there have been an increasing amount of stories about people who have helped “cure” themselves through the use of laughter.

They had documented medical conditions, and then they specifically focused on using humor to feel better. They watched comedic movies and used whatever they could find to help themselves laugh. The whole point was to help themselves relax and enjoy a variety of things so that they could lighten things up. This might not be the best approach for everyone because some people value seriousness and aren’t going to change. Also, following this kind of strategy will also serve to take your mind off the things that stress you out. The goal is to keep the stress you feel from producing physical problems for you, so do whatever you can to keep that from happening.

You shouldn’t look at physical stress as something terrible; you should see it as a hint from your body that you have to do something differently. There are many ways to manage and reduce stress once you know it’s an issue for you. Too often, people let stress build up to a dangerous level before they take steps to reduce it.

Updated: February 5, 2018 — 10:46 AM
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